What happened to the Bobbleheads?

NEW YORK -- Trains, planes and Bobbleheads. All that was missing was Steve Martin and John Candy.

Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Day was delayed because of a series of transportation malfunctions, according to Yankees PR head Jason Zillo.

On Monday, on the trek from Seattle to New Jersey, there was a train issue in Chicago that disrupted the first leg of the journey for the 18,000 little Marianos. Still, the Yankees were hopeful the figurines would show up on time. On Tuesday, a truck that was scheduled to make the final delivery to the Bronx suffered a hydraulic problem, causing a further delay and forcing the Yankees to make a decision.

Since it was unclear if the 'heads were going to arrive on time or not, the Yankees decided in the late afternoon to start printing up 18,000 vouchers. That process takes a couple of hours.

The bobbleheads arrived at 5:45 p.m., safe and sound. The first 18,000 fans with vouchers can now pick up their little Mo's at stations set up in Yankee Stadium.