Girardi decision should come shortly

Here's what we know: On Thursday, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman planned on presenting to owner Hal Steinbrenner and team president Randy Levine the parameters that Joe Girardi was looking for in a new deal, according to a source briefed on the GM's plans. Meanwhile, Girardi was consulting with his agent, Steve Mandell, about Wednesday's powwow between Mandell and Cashman.

The decision on Girardi's future as the Yankees' manager is probably going to be known soon. Girardi has said publicly that he wanted the outcome to be determined quickly so it would be a little surprising if we don't know by the end of the weekend if Giardi is staying or going. It is likely his decision could be made even sooner.

As we reported on Tuesday, the Yankees are hesitant to grant Girardi permission to speak with the Chicago Cubs about their opening. With Girardi under contract, the Yankees have the right to prevent him from having any official dialogue with Chicago GM Theo Epstein, who is said to be interested.

If Girardi has real interest in the Cubs, he can basically make it happen on his timetable. The Cubs could talk to his representative through back channels, making it very clear that they will make him the highest paid manager in the game. He could use that to steer his financial decision-making when talking with the Yankees, knowing that if things don't work out in the Bronx he could end up in Wrigley.

During his end-of-the-year address, Girardi said money will have "zero" to do with his final decision. He has reiterated a number of times how much he and his family like New York. But does he want to try to go home to Chicago and try to be the manager to end a 105-plus year title drought? Or does he want to continue building in the Bronx?

There is a third, less lucrative door: He could stop managing, make less money and have more time with his family -- if he returned to broadcasting. We should know the answer soon.