A-Rod sues Yankees' team doctor, hospital

Alex Rodriguez has added a second lawsuit, suing the Yankees' team doctor, Chris Ahmad, and New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, alleging malpractice for misdiagnosing his left hip injury during the 2012 playoffs. Rodriguez and his lawyers contend that Dr. Ahmad failed to tell him about an MRI showing his hip injury.

Rodriguez’s suit against Ahmad will have no bearing on the arbitration hearing. Dating back to the 2012 playoffs, it alleges that:

Defendants, after performing, understanding and analyzing the MRI, had diagnosed Plantiff as suffering from a superior labral tear at the left hip; and without informing the plaintiff of the diagnosis, knowingly cleared the Plaintiff to resume playing as a third baseman for the New York Yankees during the [2012] season playoffs, thus allowing the Plaintiff to further injure himself and the necessity for additional surgeries.

Rodriguez ended up being benched and pinch-hit for during the playoffs. He went 3-for-25 in the postseason and sat out the 2013 season until August because of surgery on the hip. The suit alleges “A-Rod sustained great pain, agony, injury, suffering disability, hospitalization, as well as mental anguish and emotional distress.”

“I don’t care what he did with the results, even if he gave them to the Yankees, [Dr. Ahmad] had to tell Alex about them,” said Alan Ripka, Rodriguez’s lawyer for the malpractice case.

The Yankees are not named in either suit. Rodriguez is seeking damages as a result of the injury to the hip. The suit was filed in New York State Supreme Court in the Bronx.