Inside the Matsui-Jeter prank

Mastermind prankster Derek Jeter planned the ring ceremony gag on Hideki Matsui for nearly two weeks

"The captain got a ring that they gave in Tampa [at the end of spring training]," Joe Girardi said. "It was a ring that they handed out to all the fans. It was a giveaway so Jeet thought it would be appropriate to put it in Matsui's box because he would be the only one that wouldn't be standing next to someone to compare it. So [Matsui] took it over [to the Angels dugout].

"[Mike] Scioscia was kind of looking at it and he said, 'It didn't really look right.' So when I was introduced [during the pregame introductions], I asked Mike if I could give [the real one] to [Matsui]. He had a huge smile. That is one of the things that sometimes people don't know about Jeet, he likes to pull pranks."

Jeter imagined that when Matsui looked at the ring his eyes bulged from his head.

"You knew it would be funny," Jeter said.

Matsui said he didn't know he was given a fake until Girardi handed him the real one during the player introductions. He didn't know it was Jeter behind the prank until the media told him.

He did know how special the day was for him.

"I will remember it forever," said Matsui, who received the loudest ovation of the day.