Three years a deal-breaker for Beltran?

NEW YORK -- The Yankees love Carlos Beltran. They would love to see him patrolling rightfield for them next season, and the season after that. As Andrew Marchand wrote last night Beltran is their No. 1 outfield target this winter.

But they're only willing to go so far. A source I spoke with this morning, who is involved in the negotiations but requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly, said that while the Yankees might be willing to go as high as $14 million a year for Beltran, they are unlikely to offer him three years. It has been reported that Beltran and his agent, Dan Lozano, are seeking a three-year deal.

"I think that would probably be a deal-breaker," said the source. "The guy would be 40 years old (Beltran would turn 39 in April of a third season), and the Yankees have enough 40-year-olds now."

Currently, both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are signed beyond their 40th birthdays, and Ichiro Suzuki turned 40 in October. The Yankees have yet to make an offer to Beltran.

QUESTION: Would you give Beltran three years, adding yet another 40-something to the Yankees roster, and payroll?