Straw on A-Rod & Hall of Fame 'hypocrites'

Darryl Strawberry came to Alex Rodriguez's defense Tuesday. Noah K. Murray/THE STAR-LEDGER/USA TODAY Sports

Darryl Strawberry said Hall of Famers who demean the Alex Rodriguezes, Barry Bondses and Roger Clemenses of the world "[irritate] me more than anything."

"They are such hypocrites," Strawberry said on "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN New York 98.7 FM. "They want to talk about these players that used steroids. There were drugs before then. They used drugs to get an edge. They used greenies to cheat. ... Everybody has done something."

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Strawberry makes a valid, but often overlooked, point. If steroids were around back when certain Hall of Famers were on the field, many of them would have used. Strawberry admits he would have done them himself -- if he had known about steroids.

"No question," Strawberry said. "I don't doubt it."

As for A-Rod and his 162-game suspension, Strawberry said he feels "sad" for A-Rod and feels A-Rod is getting a "raw deal."

"Regardless of if he did it," Strawberry said. "All of them did it, if that's the case. He is getting a raw deal regardless of how you look at it. You can't just make one player the villain."

Strawberry added: "How do we know it's true? ... Alex never failed a test."

Strawberry did say that, in his opinion, PEDs are like cocaine or any other drug because they are addictive.

"Once you get addicted to any type of drug, you have to keep doing it," Strawberry said.

Strawberry had a lot more to say on the topic -- click the podcast button above to hear the complete interview.