Source: Yanks still not interested in Drew

TAMPA, Fla. -- There has been some Internet chatter that in light of the Derek Jeter retirement news, the Yankees might go after Stephen Drew.

The idea is that Drew could play second and third base this season and then become Jeter's replacement in 2015. As a hypothesis goes, it is not terrible.

However, a source told ESPN New York the Yankees still aren't interested in Drew. It didn't sound as if they are going to change their minds, either.

The Yankees could hope that hitting coach Kevin Long can turn the slick-fielding Brendan Ryan into a better hitter. If that doesn't work, they could always go into free agency (J.J. Hardy after this season) or make a trade for maybe someone like Troy Tulowitzki or Jose Reyes.

Maybe Drew signs a one-year deal and the Yankees go after him after the upcoming season.

Numbers never lie: Robinson Cano's No. 24 will be worn by nonroster invitee Scott Sizemore.

I'm no Mo: David Robertson made it clear he is not trying to live up to any legendary expectations. He might be the next Yankees closer after Mariano Rivera, but he is not replacing the all-time saves leader.

As Robertson praised Jeter, he drew the comparison to the to-be-determined 2015 Yankees shortstop and his position now.

"Obviously, they are not going to be Derek Jeter," Robertson said. "Whoever takes over, they'll have big shoes to fill. It is kind of like my situation with Mo. I don't expect to step in and be Mariano Rivera. I'm not. Everyone knows that."

Robertson played down the idea that there is much of a difference between pitching the eighth and the ninth. While on a technical level each require three outs, many baseball people -- including Yankees GM Brian Cashman -- believe the final ones come with a different set of mental hurdles.

"If you make mistakes in the ninth, it costs you the game. If you make mistakes in the eighth, it costs you the game," Robertson said. "It is nice to know sometimes you can get away with making a mistake in the eighth and Mo can come in and close it."

As for Jeter, Robertson echoed the universal praise.

"Right now, I'm thinking about the first time I saw him do his jump throw," Robertson said. "We were playing the Florida Marlins, and I come in the dugout and I'm like, 'I can't believe he got to that ball, jumped and threw it.' And I got to see it in person and I'm on the field with him. It [is] memories like that that I'm going to hold on to and cherish."

Robertson added Jeter said hi to him as a rookie, which made him feel a little more at ease in the clubhouse.

Impressions: Michael Pineda looks as if he is in great shape -- a huge contrast from two years ago. He will compete for the No. 5 spot in the rotation. … Alex Rodriguez's locker is vacant.

Tanakapalooza: Masahiro Tanaka was given the honor of taking Rivera's old locker. Tanaka said he didn't know if he were worthy. Tanaka also said he will try to adapt to the American way of doing things. That will be part of his transition to the majors. Tanaka said that Hiroki Kuroda just advised him to be himself.

McCann can't: Brian McCann was cordial in his first spring training meeting with the media, but he didn't say much. He did express that he doesn't think he will be the next face of the Yankees after Jeter.

My best prediction for that honor is Tanaka because of his youth and the fact he has not played for any other major league teams. Plus, if you look at the next five seasons of the Yankees, he might be the most important player -- well, until they spend their next half billion or so.