Jeter's 'hit' that tied Wagner ruled an error

NEW YORK -- It turns out you can rewrite history.

Derek Jeter's hit that tied Honus Wagner on the all-time hit list has been changed to an error by MLB executive vice president Joe Torre.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter because Jeter has had six hits since then, putting him at sixth on the all-time list with 3,435. Wagner had 3,430.

On the changed first-inning play from Aug. 8, Indians shortstop Jose Ramirez ranged to his left behind second base, did a full spin and threw off balance to first baseman Carlos Santana, who dropped the ball. It would have been a close play if Santana had hung on, but replays appear to show that Jeter would have been out.

Jeter, per tradition, acted a bit bemused by the gathering of reporters around his locker.

"You guys thought I was going to bash Mr. T., because he makes the decision," Jeter said.

So Jeter's hit that had pushed him ahead of Wagner -- an infield single against the Indians on Aug. 9 -- actually is the one that tied Wagner. Jeter said he was going to keep that ball. But that ball is now the one that evened the ledger with Wagner.

On Aug. 11, against the Orioles in Baltimore, Jeter knocked a double off Bud Norris; that is now the hit that passed Wagner.

"I got the ball," Jeter said. "So there is no story. I got another hit and I got the ball."

Jeter actually didn't get it. It was trainer Steve Donohue, thinking ahead, who nabbed the now-historic double.