The Tex Dilemma

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- When building the New York Yankees for the next three seasons, the Yankees must take out an insurance policy on Mark Teixeira.

In an ideal world, a player a team is spending $22.5 million per season would not have to come with a caddy, but turning 35 shortly after Opening Day next year, Teixeira isn't an ideal player anymore. He is a No. 7 batter in a perfect Yankees world, though, they may not have that luxury.

Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira

#25 1B
New York Yankees

2014 STATS

  • GM115
  • HR21

  • RBI58

  • R55

  • OBP.320

  • AVG.218

Basically, has become a supporting actor, making lead money.

That is why they must have an understudy. Maybe it is Chase Headley who could be insurance to replace Alex Rodriguez at third and Teixeira at first. Even if both aren't on the disabled list, there will be at least three or four starts a week for Headley, maybe more.

Headley is just 30 and is making more than $10 million. He might be able to find more money and an every day job elsewhere.

But the Yankees need someone that they can count on to play significant time at first next year if they are going to survive into October. If they make it through the winter with Teixeira too important, they will be setting themselves for failure in 2015.

Teixeira gives the effort. People on the Internet that act like his injuries aren't real are wrong. If he was so soft, how did he play 156 or more games for seven straight season? Now, does Teixeira like to bring up his bumps and bruises, sure. But he wants to succeed and, from what I can tell, works to do it.

He just can't do it anymore like he used to. He is not the hitter he once was, which means the Yankees have to figure out a way to replace the lost runs and, inevitably, the lost games.