Gatorade hits trifecta with Derek Jeter ad

During the course of his season-long retirement tour, Derek Jeter has been given everything from kayaks and cowboy boots to cufflinks and paddleboards.

But up to this point, the best tributes to The Captain have captured the style, grace and connection to the city for which Jeter is known.

On the occasion of Jeter’s final homestand, Gatorade hit that trifecta with Thursday’s "Made In New York" commercial, a black-and-white spot featuring No. 2 meeting and greeting fans as Frank Sinatra's classic song "My Way" plays as the soundtrack.

Gatorade told Ad Week the spot was a “true collaboration” between the company and one of its most-recognized athletes, saying all the sports drink giant did was rope off blocks around Yankee Stadium to let Jeter mingle with fans. The reactions are genuine.

In conjunction with the ad, the company will run a full-page letter, addressed to the city and written by Jeter, in Sports Illustrated and the New York Daily News on Sept. 28 and 29.

Jeter’s Yankee Stadium farewell begins Thursday night against the Blue Jays, who are in town for a four-game series.