Max deal: Cashman won't rule it out

Don't be too surprised if this guy is a Yankee next season. Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

If the Yankees jump in on big free agents such as Max Scherzer, it should surprise no one.

Privately, the Yankees have talked about not going after any of the Big 3 starters (Scherzer, Jon Lester and James Shields), but anyone who has been following this team knows it would be silly to think their minds are made up.

With Shane Greene on the way out, the Yankees could re-sign Brandon McCarthy or they could act like the Yankees we all know and give the offseason's largest contract to Scherzer. It can't hurt that Didi Gregorius will make at least $11 million less than Derek Jeter did last year.

"We legitimately have to walk through and consider all avenues and some might be more realistic than others," Brian Cashman said prior to the Gregorius news breaking. "Again, there are certain things that could impact us and we can change our course of action for something we weren't necessarily pursuing earlier. I'm not trying to chase you guys into some big story, I just think we are open to evaluating the market as it evolves and how our efforts evolve as well."

Cashman's basic message was to buckle up.

"The next 10 days, the dynamic of San Diego, the winter meetings, it sequesters everyone in and it is the industry's way of saying, 'God damn it, make a decision,'" Cashman said.