Source: Yanks may go four years for D-Rob and Headley, but ...

SAN DIEGO -- The Yankees are willing to extend to a four-year contract for David Robertson and/or Chase Headley, but it must be at the right price, an official with knowledge of the team's thinking told ESPNNewYork.com.

The Yankees' thinking is related to the limitations in the marketplace. From their initial offseason meetings, they placed Headley as someone they wanted to re-sign because they have no faith in what the returning Alex Rodriguez might provide and prefer to have Martin Prado at second.

If Headley went to San Francisco or someplace else, the Yankees have to find either a second or third baseman via trade or in free agency. The options are limited. The team is acting as if it could go with Rob Refsnyder and/or Jose Pirela. While both can hit, there are questions about their defense.

Still, with Headley, the Yankees have no interest in the four-year, $66 million deal that Headley's agent has reportedly told teams he has in hand. There is some doubt among some officials that such an offer has been made by any team. One called it "B.S." Either way, the Yankees are not willing to go that high to keep Headley.

Meanwhile, the Yankees do like the idea of building a super pen by retaining Robertson to finish games, while Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances handle the setup roles. This could be a dominant group.

However, officials continue to insist that if Robertson can receive "Papelbon money," it won't be in the Bronx. If Robertson were willing to do a four-year contract for somewhere from $40-45 million, perhaps he could stay in pinstripes.