Jose Pirela coming up, but Joe Girardi standing behind Stephen Drew for now

TORONTO -- New York Yankees shortstop prospect Jose Pirela will be activated for Wednesday's game, which could mean that Stephen Drew -- and his .149 average -- might be playing less, right?

"I'll go day-by-day," Girardi said.

Girardi gave a pretty hearty defense of Drew, but it seems pretty likely that Girardi is going to shuffle Drew, Pirela and Didi Gregorius each day. If Pirela hits -- and the other two continue to struggle -- Pirela will likely receive even more time at second. Drew plays second and short.

However, Girardi says that Drew's .149 is a strong .149.

"I still think he is hitting the ball better than what his numbers indicate," Girardi said. "He hasn't had a lot of luck. He has had some really big hits for us. I know he is a better hitter than what the average shows."

But Joe, he hit .150 in 140-at-bats as a Yankee last year. Now, it is .149 -- including 0-for-his-last-17 -- in 74 at-bats.

"Stephen Drew, maybe his average hasn't been high, but he has 10 RBIs and four home runs and had some big hits for us," Girardi said.

Drew did have the big grand slam to win a game in Baltimore in the middle of last month. Besides that, it is hard to remember many Drew hits, let alone, big hits.

When Pirela, who worked out with the Yankees prior to Tuesday's game at Rogers Centre, is activated, Gregorio Petit is expected to be sent down on Wednesday.

Tex hurting: Girardi said the reason he didn't put Mark Teixeira in late in the 3-1 loss Monday was partly because Teixeira has had "a little thing going on" with his lat.

"He's better today," Girardi said.

Teixiera is playing first and batting cleanup. The injury started up last week.

Headley not hurting: Chase Headley is not playing simply because Girardi thought he needed a day off. Headley is hitting .247 with three homers and 10 RBIs. Giardi said he did not want to play Alex Rodriguez at third because of the new turf here.

"I'd like to keep him at DH as much as possible," Girardi said.

Petit is starting at third.

Alex, Did you hear from Willie: I asked Rodriguez if he heard from Willie Mays after his 660th homer. He said he got a nice message through a mutual friend. I followed-up if it were Barry Bonds. Rodriguez said he would leave it at that. Of course, here is one clue from the other day.