Alex Rodriguez takes a seat

MINNEAPOLIS -- Despite hitting three homers Saturday, Alex Rodriguez is sitting out Sunday's game.

"I could either do it here or in Texas," said Girardi of the next stop on the 10-game road trip. "I know we are at least going to see two left-handers and maybe three, so I chose to do it here."

Girardi said he was either going to rest Mark Teixeira or A-Rod on Sunday. Teixeira is DHing on Sunday. Girardi plans on giving Teixeira a full day off in Texas.

Who starts Tuesday: The Yankees still don't know who the starting pitcher will be Tuesday in Texas.

"There is no plan yet," Girardi said.

The Yankees could start Adam Warren, but he would be limited to about 50 or so pitches, which means he would hand off to someone in fourth or fifth inning if all went well. Chris Capuano could also be in the mix.

The Yankees originally tried to set up Bryan Mitchell's Triple-A starting schedule so he could go Tuesday, but Mitchell had a minor unspecified injury, according to Girardi, which set back his timetable. Mitchell started Saturday so he was eliminated from being an option on Tuesday. Luis Severino is also not an option after starting Friday.

Diego Moreno started on Thursday at Triple-A, while Esmil Rogers started Wednesday's game. They both could be options. Moreno is on the 40-man roster while Rogers is not, so Moreno is probably the most likely option. Moreno, a 28-year-old righty, is 3-0 with a 2.18 ERA at Triple-A.

Hustle?: Carlos Beltran appeared not to give it his all on a fourth-inning foul ball during Saturday night's game that hit the dirt in front of the stands. So, what happened there, Joe?

"He just didn't get there," Girardi said. "There are physical limitations. I think everyone thinks he is the same center fielder that he was when he was 25 years old. He is 38 years old and he has had knee surgery. The effort is there. There are some limitations."

Contracted: Does CC Sabathia's contract, in which he is owed $25M next year and , pending an option, $25M in 2017 factor into the Yankees' thinking when they consider his spot in the rotation?

"It doesn't," Girardi said. "We talk about our team all the time and we think he best serves us as a starter."

After 19 starts, Sabathia has a 5.38 ERA.