For A-Rod, a low-key tribute for 3K

NEW YORK -- The New York Yankees held a brief pregame ceremony to commemorate Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th hit -- accomplished nearly three months ago -- and as Yankees commemorative pregame ceremonies go, this one wasn't much.

It lasted slightly longer than 5 minutes, included none of his teammates, nor manager Joe Girardi or GM Brian Cashman. There was a brief video testimonial by Lou Piniella, A-Rod's first manager at Seattle. Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and COO Lonn Trost presented A-Rod with a piece of crystal and a white gold, diamond-encrusted ring with his name and the number 3,000 engraved on it. A-Rod, accompanied by his two young daughters, his mother and his sister, accepted his gifts, shook hands and left the field without speaking to the sparse crowd.

And no, team president Randy Levine -- whom A-Rod's supporters famously called "The Devil'' while protesting outside MLB's Park Ave. offices during the appeal of the 162-game PED suspension in 2013 -- did not take part in the ceremony.