Yankees' 2015 end-of-season award winners (and losers) are ...

What's next for the Yankees? (3:38)

After losing Tuesday's wild-card game to the Astros, Andrew Marchand evaluates the Yankees heading into the 2016 season. (3:38)

The Yankees finished the 2015 season in a strange position. It felt like they overachieved, but still they could have done so much more. An 87-win team that failed to win the wild-card game featured players who deserve accolades -- and others who should pick up some booby prizes.

So without further ado ...

The Babe Ruth Award (MVP)

Alex Rodriguez was the MVP of this team. Without him, the Yankees would not have made the playoffs. He went from a player who meant nothing to a hitter who meant everything for most of the summer.

Runners-up: Mark Teixeira, Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller

The Horace Clarke Award (LVP)

The Yankees' Least Valuable Player of 2015 was Jacoby Ellsbury. You could make strong arguments that some players were worse, but there was no one who was expected to do more -- as evidenced by his $153 million contract -- who did less. Ellsbury started off strong, got hurt and then was terrible. He did not even start the wild-card game.

Runners-up: Stephen Drew, David Carpenter

The Whitey Ford Award (Best Pitcher)

Betances, despite his struggles late, was an All-Star again and, for most of the year, lights-out.

Runners-up: Miller, Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka

The Baby Bomber Award (Best Rookie)

This was probably the most exciting aspect of the Yankees' season because, for once, there is actually a choice. Would you take Greg Bird or Severino? We're going to cop out and pick both. Severino pitched well enough that you have to consider him a strong candidate for the No. 2 starter job next season behind Tanaka, if the Yankees don't make a splash in free agency. Bird made it so Teixeira's fractured shin did not hurt the team as much as it could have. Bird is slated to be the Opening Day first baseman in 2017, but he showed he is ready now.

Runners-up: Rob Refsnyder, Slade Heathcott

The Scott Proctor Award (Most Overused Reliever)

This goes to Betances, thanks to Joe Girardi. Girardi used his security blanket in too many games in which the Yankees held large leads. There was no need, and it came back to hurt the team when Betances struggled down the stretch. Girardi needs to manage Betances' innings better in the future.

Runner-up: Miller

The Alex Rodriguez Award (Best Comeback)

Since A-Rod's prize is having the award named after him, this one goes to Carlos Beltran. Beltran looked so bad early, there was a thought Chris Young should start full-time ahead of him in right field. By the end of the season, Beltran was the team's best hitter.

Runners-Up: Didi Gregorius, Dustin Ackley

The Whatever Happened to ... Award (Biggest Fadeout)

McCann was one of the Yankees' best players in the first half, but then faded in the second half, hitting just .200 after the All-Star break.

Runners-up: Chasen Shreve, Michael Pineda, Chase Headley, Brett Gardner

The Bernie Williams Award (Most Under-appreciated Yankee)

Gregorius takes this trophy home. After A-Rod and Teixeira, the biggest difference between the 2015 Yankees and the 2014 team was how much better Gregorius was than an aging Derek Jeter at shortstop.

Runners-Up: Justin Wilson, Adam Warren