Indians sign Joba Chamberlain and apologize for the midges

The Cleveland Indians made a minor league signing that created some buzz Tuesday.

The Indians signed former Yankees phenom Joba Chamberlain and invited him to big league camp. Normally, this would be no big deal.

Chamberlain is famous for a lot of things, stemming from his amazing rookie rise in the bullpen when he basically saved the Yankees' playoff hopes in 2007.

He ended that season at Jacobs Fields being attacked by midges during Game 2 of the ALDS. Chamberlain went on to lose his command and the Yankees' lead, which resulted in New York eventually losing the game and the series.

Chamberlain is now a 30-year-old journeyman, having bounced around with the Tigers and Royals last year.

On Tuesday, the Indians had some fun on their Twitter feed.

Well played, Cleveland Twitter, well played. Joba was trending on Twitter on Tuesday morning.