Cashman: Man of few texts

Brian Cashman, perhaps still recovering from his night of sleeping in the street, was short and cryptic in an exchange of text messages this morning.

Here is a transcript of my "conversation'' with the Yankees GM:

Me: What r u working on?

Cashman: 2012

Me: Thanks

Cashman: Do something on winter ball

Me: Hector Noesi is 3-1, 2.31 ERA in Dominican League.

Cashman: Blog it

Me: Any chance of making Jurrjens deal? For Nunez and who else?

Cashman: Stop wasting your breath

Me (changing course): How about Reyes to the Yankees, Jeter to the OF?

Cashman: U should work for the Enquirer

Me: Good idea. Would Buerhle be a good fit for 4 u guys?

Cashman: Winterball

Me: Brrrrrrr