Tannenbaum: A trade was discussed

In an interview Tuesday evening on 1050 ESPN Radio, GM Mike Tannenbaum dropped an interesting nugget. Asked by co-host Bonnie Bernstein if he'd consider trading holdout CB Darrelle Revis, Tannenbaum admitted he discussed it with coach Rex Ryan.

"We've discussed that and we don't have any interest in trading the player," Tannenbaum said.

So, no, they're not interested in dealing Revis, but it's interesting to know that the topic was broached behind closed doors. It may have been a brief conversation, but it was a conversation.

Owner Woody Johnson was asked the same question in an earlier interview on 1050, and he told a different version.

"We haven't made that decision," he said of a possible trade, "but I doubt it."

Huh? Which is it?