Afternoon practice report

This afternoon's practice was all about Santonio Holmes. The wide receiver arrived today and took the field for the afternoon practice. His big moment camp during a a series where he caught a touchdown pass in the end zone from Mark Sanchez.

It got the Jets cheering, and Sanchez ran toward Holmes to congratulate him as someone yelled, "Welcome to camp!"

Eariler Rex Ryan brought a little levity when he covered on a slow-motion kickoff coverage drill, running downfield with the crowd cheering him on.

UFA Brashton Satele went down on a later drill, grabbing his left ankle. The linebacker was helped off the field but seemed to be able to put some weight on the leg.

CB Drew Coleman and S Eric Smith both had picks, and CB Antonio Cromartie showed more of the ballhawk skills that have earned him respect already.

NT Kris Jenkins and DE Shaun Ellis both practiced.

I noticed a few "Sign Revis" placards in the crowd. No indication that Darrelle Revis will be arriving soon however.