Reyes gets boot, like Wright day earlier

A day after David Wright was ejected over a called third strike, Jose Reyes got the second heave-ho of his career for his reaction in a similar scenario Monday.

Reyes was ejected after getting called out on a 3-2 slider at the bottom of the strike zone by plate umpire Laz Diaz.

“I thought it was low, but the umpire thought a different way,” Reyes said. “I thought it was a little low. I said to him, ‘That’s not a strike.’ He said, ‘Yes.’ And I threw my bat first. And then I threw my helmet, so he threw me out, basically. After that I didn’t say anything else.”

Reyes also was ejected against the Nationals in 2006.

“It doesn’t bother me when a guy is passionate about what he does and is fighting,” said manager Jerry Manuel, who also was tossed by Diaz after the call. “Just like David yesterday -- those moments are moments everybody recognizes and identifies that the game is in the balance. With the intensity as it is, I don’t like a guy getting thrown out, but I applaud the fight.”

Asked if the ejections on consecutive days by the homegrown stars was the result of competitiveness or frustration, Wright said: “I think a little of both.” Wright’s ninth-inning ejection Sunday would have left the Mets a position player short and forced Jon Niese into left field had they tied the score and forced extra innings.

“You never want to come out of a game, especially when you don’t have any position players on the bench, but it’s part of the game,” Wright said. “You’ve got a bunch of highly competitive people -- including the umpires -- that a lot of times will continue to believe that their side of the argument is right. So when you get a field full of those highly competitive guys, there’s going to be some confrontations, some disagreements. I don’t think that’s going to be anything that carries over into tomorrow. We’ve got professionals on both sides. You’re going to have your arguments. You’re going to have your disagreements. And then you forget about it and go out again tomorrow.”