Beltran won't limp into minors this week

General manager Omar Minaya confirmed that Carlos Beltran's official minor league rehab assignment won't start this week.

A team official indicated Beltran still limps somewhat while running. For the time being, Beltran will stick to intrasquad games in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

"I don't see it this week," Minaya said about Beltran entering an official minor league game, which would start a 20-day clock to be activated. "We are getting closer to that because he is continuing work out, to swing the bat, to run. Like all these things, of course, it's how does he feel the next day? So far there hasn't been a setback. We hope there's not a setback. ... I mean, he's still not all there."

Minaya added that he has not asked Beltran if he would consider any action in right field.

"I have not brought that up to him," Minaya said. "There's progress. At what point in time does he get the leg strong to the point that he's able to accelerate, explode -- those are going to be the key things. Right now, it's getting better, but we're not there yet."