Girardi vs. The Umps

After Brett Gardner was thrown out for arguing seventh inning balls and strikes, Colin Curtis came in with an 0-2 count and hit his homer.

Still, that didn't leave Girardi and less bemused about Gardner's plight.

After the game, Girardi said he was "scratching his head" over it, adding he would say no more.

Gary Darling, the crew chief, described what home plate ump Paul Emmel heard. Here is the transcript of the interview with Darling.

Q: What happened with the throwing out of Gardner?

“He was arguing balls and strikes and he continued to argue, even after he was warned,” Darling said. “He continued to argue after he was warned.”

Did he say something there?

“That’s all,” Darling said. “Everything else will be in the report.”

Derek Jeter argued in the fifth and looked as if he was close to being thrown out?

“He was told to cease and he did,” Darling said.

Joe Girardi was asked his reaction, he said he was scratching his head and that is all he is going to say about it. In terms of when you review, was that too quick?

“He was warned to not argue balls and strikes and he was ejected after continuing to argue,” Darling said. “That’s it.”