Shooting down a Campbell rumor

INDIANAPOLIS -- When you get hundreds of coaches, scouts, reporters and agents in one place, there are bound to be some rumors floating around. One such rumor involved the Redskins supposedly sending quarterback Jason Campbell to Buffalo in exchange for safety Donte Whitner.

The Redskins have informed Campbell that there's nothing to the rumor, according to a league source. At this point, the club is planning for Campbell, a restricted free agent, to be on the 2010 roster -- and perhaps beyond. Campbell's agent, Joel Segal, is expected to meet with Allen during the combine to discuss the quarterback's future. As I reported last week, Shanahan has told Campbell that he's planning to bring him back next season.

The Skins could pay the highest tender to Campbell ($3.268 million) in 2010 and see how he performs or they could offer him a new two-year contract with some guaranteed money. Unless another team blows the Skins away with a trade offer, I think Campbell will be back in 2010. After that, all bets are off. The Redskins will likely take a long look at quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen and try to determine if either player is a franchise quarterback.

If they don't feel strongly about either player, then it would make sense to select Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung at No. 4 and retain Campbell as the starter. Campbell put up very respectable numbers playing behind arguably the worst offensive line in the league in '09. I'm sure some of that's showing up as Shanahan and his staff continue to watch every snap from last season.

And can you imagine having to watch every snap of the Skins' '09 season? It's not a healthy situation. By the way, I actually joined Shanahan on a crowded elevator earlier this evening but it didn't seem like the appropriate time to ask about Campbell's future.