How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch


Albert Haynesworth, Redskins defensive tackle: Well, it didn't take long for Haynesworth to run afoul of new coach Mike Shanahan. The coach had made it clear that he expected full participation in the club's "voluntary" offseason conditioning program. Shanahan's brought in new strength coaches, new equipment and a different attitude. But Haynesworth has his own personal trainer and has chosen not to join his teammates at Redskins Park. I asked Shanahan about the situation during the owners meetings this week and he said he "totally disagreed" with Haynesworth's decision but respected the fact the defensive tackle came in and discussed it with him in person. He likes the "communication." Redskins general manager Bruce Allen told me that he was not disappointed at all that Haynesworth is skipping the offseason program. Allen acted as if he couldn't believe it was even an issue. But no matter how they spin it, Haynesworth already seems to be in a power struggle with the new regime. He has said publicly that he'll do whatever he's asked, but he's also made it known that he doesn't look forward to playing nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme. I think Jim Haslett will put Haynesworth in a position to succeed, but the player's not making the best first impression.


Kevin Kolb, Eagles quarterback: Obviously, we're spending most of our time talking about a potential Donovan McNabb trade. But one of the main reasons the Eagles are suddenly so eager to move their veteran quarterback is their belief that Kolb is ready to take over. None of this would be taking place if Kolb had flopped in those two starts last season. But now he has won over the offensive coaches and a lot of his young teammates. If you took an anonymous poll among the Eagles' offensive players right now, I fully believe that Kolb would be favored to start over McNabb. There's a feeling in the organization that it's time to turn the page. And why not do it while McNabb still has some value on the open market? The Kolb era has finally arrived -- if the Eagles can land a decent draft pick for McNabb.