A scouting report on Brandon Jacobs

As part of its award-winning offseason series on players who need to bounce back from a poor '09 performance, Scouts Inc. takes a look at New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs today. Matt Williamson, a former scout in the league, thinks we may be seeing the beginning of the end for the Giants' punishing runner:

"He runs very high, has a high center of gravity and is a massive target for his opponent to smack," Williamson writes. "Of course he initiates an awful lot of contact and never was the most agile of runners. Even for the majority of his college career at Auburn, Jacobs didn't carry the load. I am not so sure that he is equipped to be a 20-plus carries per game running back over the course of a grueling season. I fear we are witnessing the beginning of the end of his career. Backs like him just don't last."

I think Williamson may be onto something here. We'll see if Jacobs can bounce back from an injury-plagued season in '09. I think he tried to change his approach a little last season and tried to be a bit too nimble. His friend Tiki Barber told him that he was taking too many clean shots, and Jacobs responded by being more tentative at the line of scrimmage. Expect to see him lower his shoulder and help this offense regain its identity in 2010.

Thanks to Williamson and his colleagues for another strong effort.