Do the Giants still own NY?

With the arrival of brash head coach Rex Ryan and a quarterback from The CW casting department, the New York Jets have been commanding more back pages than the Giants over the past year. It also helps to qualify for the playoffs.

The Giants still have more tradition and titles, but it seems like their grip on New York isn't what it used to be. ESPNNewYork.com's Jane McManus has a column on this very topic. (And if you haven't checked out the new Web site, now's a good time.)

"For Jets fans, the days of being second-class NFL citizens might be over, or at least taking a hiatus," writes McManus. "Who needs titles like "classy organization" when you have captured the hearts of NFL fans outside your base, in a PSL year no less?"

So do you guys actually believe the Jets have "captured the hearts of NFL fans" outside their base? They've become infinitely more interesting with Ryan at the helm, but I don't sense that America's falling in love with the Jets. If the Giants bounce back this season and return to the playoffs, I think order will be restored in New York.

McManus talks about how boring it is to listen to Eli Manning news conferences. But when he won a Super Bowl three years ago, I don't recall that being a big concern. Are there any Giants fans out there bothered by how much attention the Jets are receiving?

"I don't hate the Jets," Giants fan Jason Mollica told McManus. "I mildly detest them, but they should stop talking until they win a Super Bowl."

Good luck with that, Jason.