Eagles' Celek responds to Brooking

Eagles tight end Brent Celek joined us on ESPN 103.3's "Galloway and Company" on Tuesday to discuss the aftermath of the Donovan McNabb trade. Celek entered the league with Kevin Kolb in '07 and the two are close friends. He understands why a lot of folks, including McNabb, have said the Eagles are rebuilding, but he vehemently disagrees with that assessment.

He also disagrees with what Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking said on our show last week. In the midst of defending McNabb, Brooking blamed the Eagles' failures in back-to-back losses to the Cowboys on predictable play calling. In fact, he said the Cowboys knew everything the Eagles were doing. As you might imagine, Celek took offense to those comments after reading them on the Beast blog.

"That kind of irked me a little bit," said Celek, who put up Pro Bowl-caliber numbers last season. "I don’t think they knew exactly the plays we were running when we were running them. You know, they played better than us in those games, and I’ll give them credit. They did do a good job. But for him to say that, I totally disagree with him.

"I tell you what, I can’t wait to play him next year."

Asked what he planned to say to Brooking before next season's first game between the two rivals, Celek delivered this gem:

"I can’t say that on radio, guys," said Celek. "Every time we went down there, you see him trying to get the crowd riled up on that big JumboTron. It gets me going. I can’t wait to play him again."

Celek basically thought Brooking's comments were disrespectful. He brought up the fact that no one from the Eagles said the Cowboys' defensive play calls were predictable when Philadelphia ended the '08 season with a 44-6 win. So much for a quiet offseason.

As Brooking and Celek have both showed, it's never too early for a little Eagles-Cowboys controversy. OK, let me text Brooking and see if he has a response.