The Kiper/McShay mock shocks, amazes

I've spent the afternoon studying mock drafts from some of my favorite experts. And as luck would have it, Mel Kiper and my older cousin Todd McShayInsider delivered their fourth joint mock draft. Most of this information is reserved for our Insiders, but I've pirated a few of the NFC East picks.

Both Kiper and McShay have the Washington Redskins taking Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung, which makes a lot of sense. Here's an excerpt from what Kiper wrote about Okung:

"Okung may not have the extraordinary upside of a guy like Anthony Davis, but he's the most complete left tackle available, and is a low-risk pick for a team that can't afford to miss."

In one of the most interesting picks in the joint mock, McShay selects Idaho guard Mike Iupati for theNew York Giants. I think Iupati could be a force at left guard for years to come, but linebacker is a bigger need at this point.

The Philadelphia Eagles will select Alabama cornerback Kareem Jackson at No. 24, according to Kiper. He thinks the Eagles could wait until No. 37 to draft a safety. And Kiper even thinks Nate Allen of South Florida might be available. But knowing how much the Cowboys like Allen, I'm not sure he'll be around that late.

McShay has the Dallas Cowboys taking USC safety Taylor Mays at No. 27. And Mays would certainly be tempting at that spot. The biggest problem is that Mays is getting compared to former Cowboys safety Roy Williams. And we all know how his time in Dallas ended. I think Jerry Jones is hoping that Mays is already off the board before the Cowboys pick.

McShay says that Mays has "better closing burst and range" than either Ken Hamlin or Williams. From what I'm hearing, the Cowboys are pretty high on USC left tackle Charles Brown. If he falls to No. 27, don't be surprised to see the Cowboys take him.