NYC's Super bid sends shivers

So the Giants and Jets made it official today. As ESPNNewYork.com reports, the clubs officially signed off on their 2014 Super Bowl bid this morning before dropping it off at the league offices in Manhattan. I'm sure a courier service could've done the job, but this occasion called for something more personal.

Folks from both organizations gathered to tout the game at New Meadowlands Stadium, which is currently missing a roof. Having the Super Bowl festivities in New York is a no-brainer, but playing the game in an outdoor stadium in early February is not an easy sell to the 30 other NFL owners. Fortunately for the Giants-Jets coalition, there's not much competition. Tampa's back in the mix, but no one expects it to challenge the New York bid. The league will announce the site of the 2014 Super Bowl later this month during the owners meeting in Dallas. On Wednesday, Giants quarterback Eli Manning showed up to support the bid during a ceremony in East Rutherford, N.J. He noted that the memorable 2007 NFC Championship Game was played in below freezing weather.

“It’s one of my all-time favorite games,” Manning said Wednesday. “Not just because it was the NFC Championship Game. It was being in Green Bay, playing a game in negative 20 degrees. All those factors make a game special. The NFC Championship Game can be played anywhere. It can be played in New York , it can be played in Green Bay.

Why can’t the Super Bowl be played in a cold weather atmosphere? They say there’s a chance of a blizzard. There’s a chance of a blizzard in an NFC Championship Game. Those experiences make a game more special, they make it memorable. They make it memorable for players and for fans. Friends of mine who went to the Super Bowl and went to that game in Green Bay still talk about the Green Bay game more than the Super Bowl."

For Manning's sake, I'm hoping the winds at the new facility don't swirl quite as much they did at Giants Stadium. But that discussion's for another day. For now, it looks like a New York/New Jersey Super Bowl will come to fruition. Are you guys excited about that? Could a blizzard ruin America's most popular event or would it make it even more of a spectacle?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.