Lurie's thoughts on McNabb

For the most part, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie avoids reporters and defers to head coach Andy Reid and president Joe Banner. But he opened up to Inquirer writer Ashley Fox for a profile she was doing on him. Lurie thinks of himself as a risk-taker and he related that to the Donovan McNabb trade.

"Maybe this won't work out," said Lurie of the McNabb trade. Maybe it wouldn't have worked out if we kept Donovan. But you can't be risk-averse. You can't be. I think I surround myself with people who are not risk-averse. I'm not risk-averse at all. We're all really confident, but [if] for any reason it [doesn't] work out, then we keep prioritizing that position and go after it."

But if McNabb is wildly successful in Washington and the Eagles hit a rough patch, I don't think Eagles fans will be celebrating Lurie's risk-taking. It was a bold move, and it's one that could certainly backfire. And if you'd like to known more about Lurie's family history, read the rest of Fox's story. There was one event in Lurie's life that had a dramatic effect on his passion for sports. Interesting story.