Albert passes test, season can begin

Haynesworth Passes Conditioning Test (2:06)

Jeannine Edwards reports from Redskins camp on DT Albert Haynesworth (2:06)

On a gorgeous Saturday morning in Ashburn, Va., before the humidity had a chance to rise, Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth finally completed head coach Mike Shanahan's conditioning test. Team officials were hastily preparing for a parade to celebrate the occasion.

Haynesworth completed two 300-yard shuttle runs with a few seconds to spare, and now he'll be able to join Jim Haslett's defense in practice. With Saturday being Fan Appreciation Day on campus, perhaps as many as 20,000 patrons will observe Haynesworth's first full session with his teammates.

I think Shanahan got his message across that no one is going to undermine the team, but this spectacle needed to end. Shanahan told the NFC East blog Friday night that this had not become a "circus," but it had gone on long enough.