Willie Parker is fourth-string RB?

The Washington Redskins have posted a depth chart on their website, and veteran running back Willie Parker's not in the top three. Ryan Torain is currently listed as the third-team running back behind Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson. Parker has not been receiving a lot of reps, and his placement on the depth chart is not a good sign for the former Steelers star.

It's also worth noting that Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly are listed as third-team players. Santana Moss and 38-year-old Joey Galloway are the starters at this point. I thought that Donovan McNabb might whip Thomas and Kelly into shape with his "Hell Week" outing in Phoenix, but neither player has apparently impressed Mike Shanahan and son Kyle. Kelly can't stay on the field because of injuries and Thomas is still too inconsistent.

At this pace, the Redskins could feature the NFL's all-time highest average age at the skill positions. Shanahan values experience, but having Galloway in the starting lineup is a little ridiculous. Someone needs to light a fire under Thomas and Kelly, and that may need to be McNabb.

I recently sat down with McNabb for a 20-minute conversation. You can read more about that in Tuesday's Redskins Camp Confidential.