Is Kyle Shanahan the Skins' x-factor?

When I arrived at Redskins Park last Thursday, I expected all the players to be talking about Mike Shanahan. But what I quickly realized is that Shanahan's son, Kyle, is being embraced just as much as the head coach. The 30-year-old former Texas Longhorn is on the fast track to be a head coach in the NFL, according to the Post. Some folks already think Shanahan could succeed his father in Washington, but I'd like to see the offense play a couple games before jumping on that bandwagon.

On Thursday, Kyle talked to reporters about how difficult it is to be "better" than other offenses. Check out the following quote:

"Better is really your results," Shanahan said. "If you think you're a guru and you try to draw up a ton of stuff, and do all this stuff and you're punting all the time, you're not a very good coach. And it's hard in this day and age to have a team that's just absolutely better than the next team.

"Usually it's pretty even, so you've got to help give [players] advantages. If you go back to the days when you had those Cowboy teams, they just kept it simple because [their guys were] going to win every time. Their guys were just better than the guys they were going against. But with all the competition now, if you can change things up, I think that's a huge advantage."

So by my count, Kyle Shanahan was about 12 when the Cowboys started winning those Super Bowls in the 90s. I'm not so sure Norv Turner or Troy Aikman would agree with how "simple" the offense was at that point. But I understand Shanahan's point. With as much talent as you'll find on every NFL roster (including the Rams), it's important to provide your players with every little advantage.

Kyle did a nice job with the Texans, but let's give it a little while before we bring out the anointing oil, as Bill Parcells might say.