Will Giants gash the Colts on ground?

We've all seen highlights of young Arian Foster running roughshod over the Indianapolis Colts' defense last Sunday. It makes you think New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw could be poised for the biggest evening of his career. But wait just one minute!

AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky has gone all the way back to a Dec. 2006 to remind us of a time when the Colts bounced back from an awful performance against the run and ended up winning the Super Bowl. Paul talked to ESPN.com's Scouts Inc. stalwart Matt Williamson about the Colts' dreadful performance against the Houston Texans.

"They are an extremely fast defense and need to get to the football with multiple players -- which they did pretty well last year,” said Williamson of the Colts' D. “Their defensive tackles are also bigger than they have been in seasons past. Am I sure that is better? No.

"But I also tend to think that Sunday's performance was about as bad as it can get and that generally speaking, they are a better run defense than what they showed. They also game planned Houston to have [Colts' safety] Bob Sanders [available], who is a terrific fill player. And much of their scheme is designed to funnel the ball in his direction."

So with a new game plan, will be the Colts be able to slow down the mighty Ahmad Bradshaw and his beefy sidekick Brandon Jacobs? I have my doubts. Kuharsky will be in Indianapolis to cover the game live. Should be fun.