Welcome to Donovan McNabb Week

I don't want to peak too early on the Donovan McNabb homecoming story, but he was certainly asked about it in the aftermath of the Washington Redskins' embarrassing 30-16 loss to the Rams on Sunday.

"I've always said this is just a normal game," McNabb said of facing the Eagles next Sunday. "And in this situation for us, obviously, it's a must win. "Coming off of two losses like we've had these past two weeks, no matter who we're playing, we have to come out and be able to execute and come out and win by any means necessary."

But that won't keep us from revisiting one of the most remarkable trades of the offseason. I'll take a crack at a McNabb column Wednesday and then the NFC East blog will be on hand to cover the game -- along with 400 other writers. But McNabb's right that this game is not completely about him. If the Redskins don't win Sunday, I think you can kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.