King Dunlap to start for Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid delivered the sobering news Wednesday that King Dunlap would start in place of Jason Peters at left tackle against the Falcons on Sunday. Dunlap gave up three sacks against the 49ers while filling in for Peters, who has a torn meniscus and will undergo surgery Thursday. Reid thinks a full week of practice will put Dunlap in a better position to succeed.

"He had a couple plays that he would have liked to have back," Reid said of Dunlap's performance Sunday. "But the rest of it I thought he did a good job with. And I’m sure he’ll tell you the same thing -- there are some things that he’ll work on this week. It will be good for him to have some practice here. He didn’t have a chance to get out there and practice with the ones, so he’ll get in and have that opportunity and see how he does."

Reid also provided the following update on Michael Vick, who will not practice today.

"He had swelling on the right side, more so than the left where the actual crack was," Reid said of Vick's ribs. "That swelling has gone down. Right now I can’t tell you that he’s pain free and I’m not going to tell you that; he still has pain. He started lifting light weight. He hasn’t thrown, but he’s made big jumps, big strides over the few days."

Starting left guard Todd Herremans (knee) and running back LeSean McCoy will sit out Wednesday's practice, but Reid expects them back Thursday.

In other news, the Eagles traded Mike Bell for Browns running back Jerome Harrison, who was productive for Cleveland in '09 but has struggled this season. Harrison's believed to be quicker than Bell and have better hands out of the backfield.