McNabb says offense ready to 'explode'

Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb had an awful day Sunday throwing the football, but he insists that things are about to get going with this offense. McNabb had a 56.8 quarterback rating against in a 17-14 win over the Chicago Bears.

"If we could bring everything together, really we'd explode," quarterback Donovan McNabb said on his weekly radio show Tuesday on 980 ESPN. "I'm distraught. I'm upset because I know we can play better."

I don't see many signs of the Skins' offense exploding because the line doesn't have a lot of stability right now. But if Ryan Torain can continue to have big days, Washington will remain in games. McNabb was worried in training camp about how long it might take to feel comfortable in Mike Shanahan's offense. And that's still a concern.

McNabb doesn't think the Skins have caught a lot of breaks on offense.

"I think in this game that we play, you have to have a little bit of luck," said McNabb on Tuesday. "I've been on the other side of the ball where it seemed like the ball never bounced our way. ...Every now and then, you need a little bit of that. As you look across the league, you watch different teams, teams have that as well. It just so happens that we were able to get that a couple of days ago. The thing about it is, we're 4-3. No matter how you look at it -- if it's ugly, if it's pretty, if it's appealing, whatever it may be -- we're 4-3, We're No. 2 right now in the NFC East. We're in great position."

And he's right. If the Skins can beat the Lions on Sunday, they'd be a half-game behind the Giants in the division. So do you guys think McNabb will start putting up big numbers at some point this season or will he sputter throughout?

Thus far, they haven't, which made last Sunday's win at Chicago a tad bittersweet. "I'm distraught," McNabb said. "I'm upset because I know we can play better."