Michael Vick sticks up for McNabb

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was also baffled by Redskins coach Mike Shanahan's decision to bench starting quarterback Donovan McNabb late in a game against Detroit two weeks ago. In an interview with Comcast SportsNet's Brian Mitchell, Vick seemed almost offended by the move.

"I mean, I really didn't believe it at all," Vick told Mitchell per Dan Steinberg of the Post. "I know internally things happen. It was just surprising, because Donovan has put in a lot of work in this league, and he's been to [five] NFC Championship Games and he's been to a Super Bowl. I just couldn't understand why he was taken out of the game. For what reason you would take a guy who's had so much success out of the game in crunch time? But hey, maybe they just had their reasons."

You can tell that Vick's very grateful for McNabb's influence in his life. He said he learned about work ethic by watching how McNabb conducted his business on and off the field.

"To me, Don had good study habits, good work habits in the weight room, and he knew the game of football," said Vick. "And that was something that I always missed out on, because I didn't take the time out to learn the game or to work out, because I was a freak of nature, and I just felt like I didn't need that. I didn't need it. And after seeing that, I was like, 'I wonder how much different I would be if I just followed this routine and followed this pattern.' So from the time I got [to Philly], I kind of followed him around and just peeped his game and what he liked to do and how he did it, and kind of followed that regimen."

So it appears that McNabb helped turned one man's career around before he moved to Washington and threw those "good work habits" out the window. At least that's the word being leaked from Redskins Park executive wing these days.