Are Romo and Manning 'elite' quarterbacks?

ESPN.com's John "The Professor" Clayton went to the trouble of ranking the starting quarterbacks in the league this week. After Michael Vick's breakout performance this season, I expected him to easily be in the top five. But Clayton has him at No. 8 on the list behind Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan. It's also interesting that Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys is No. 9 overall.

Clayton believes that Romo and the Giants' Eli Manning both belong in the "elite" category. What's his definition of elite?

"These quarterbacks complete better than 60 percent of their passes, have 4,000-yard passing potential and demonstrate fourth-quarter comeback ability. These players can carry a team to the playoffs," writes Clayton.

Clayton included 12 quarterbacks in his "Elite Division." How many elite quarterbacks do you think are in the league right now?

I would probably say seven. Anxious to hear your thoughts.