Haynesworth headed to Eagles?

The Washington Redskins have said they'd be open to Albert Haynesworth returning in 2011, but no one really believes them. And that's why it's interesting to note that the Philadelphia Eagles just hired Haynesworth's all-time favorite position coach.

Haynesworth became one of the best defensive tackles in the league while working with defensive line coach Jim Washburn in Tennessee. The Redskins reportedly tried to unload Haynesworth on the Eagles during the Donovan McNabb negotiation but coach Andy Reid, currently in Antigua, did not have any interest. Perhaps Washburn could change Reid's mind about Haynesworth.

Take a look at what Haynesworth told The (Nashville) Tennessean about Washburn:

"I owe Coach Wash pretty much everything," said Haynesworth. "If my deal was $100 million or whatever, then Washburn deserves $90 million. I have the talent, but he taught me how to let it loose. As a player, once you can get through the [expletive], get down to the core of what he is saying, the information is more valuable than gold. He's a great coach, a great teacher. The Titans should have paid a lot of money to keep him from leaving."

If I'm Washburn, I'd head over to Albert's place and try to collect immediately. I don't think the Eagles' locker room needs a guy like Haynesworth, but it will be interesting to see if Washburn campaigns for a reunion.