So this is my last blog post, perhaps ever

It has been about four years since ESPN.com gave me the opportunity to start an NFL blog called Hashmarks (Trey Wingo came up with the name). I had no clue what I was doing, and in many ways, that remains true. But a lot of you guys supported and occasionally read the blog to the point my bosses decided to create eight divisional blogs.

For the past three seasons, I've written exclusively about what I believe to be the most interesting division in football, the NFC East. I've been fortunate to become friends with some of the great beat writers and columnists from the division, and they were gracious enough to accept me into the Beast fraternity.

In the meantime, I also tried to maintain a fledgling radio career for ESPN 103.3 in Dallas-Fort Worth. I've had the great fortune (most days) to work with a legendary columnist/talk-show host named Randy Galloway for the past four years, and the folks at 103.3 recently made me an offer to become a full-time part of the "Galloway & Company" show from 3-6 p.m., which also features college football expert Ian Fitzsimmons.

I've had an interest the past couple of years in becoming more of a general columnist, and the folks at ESPN have graciously allowed me to pursue that goal with another national website that shall remain nameless for now.

I want to thank Patrick Stiegman and my longtime editor John Banks for giving me the wonderful opportunity at ESPN.com. And my editor for the past couple of years, Alex Kimball, is the absolute best and I'll make it my goal to work with him again someday. My colleagues in the NFL Blog Network, including the talented blog editors, all have been tremendous to work with. I'll only mention one of them, Paul Kuharsky of AFC South fame, because he begged me to do so via text last week.

The folks from ESPN 103.3, especially GM Pete Dits and program director Tom Lee, have been remarkably supportive throughout this process. But most important, I salute my wife, Meredith, for being extremely gracious each time the Eagles made blockbuster trades during holiday meals.

I realize that some of you guys will welcome a fresh perspective on the NFC East, and I don't blame you one bit. But many of you made the NFC East blog part of your daily lives and I'll be forever grateful.

So long for now. Please be nice to the new "guy."