McNabb thinks Maclin's ready for starting job

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In addition to offering his thoughts on the WildVick formation Monday, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb endorsed rookie wide receiver Jeremy Maclin as a potential starter. Asked whether Maclin was ready to start, here's what the quarterback had to say:

"I think he can," McNabb said of Maclin. "In the preseason games, you’re not going to feature different guys. You want to spread the ball around, get everybody an opportunity. We’ve seen a lot from our receivers. We’ve seen Maclin catch balls and break tackles and get up field and pick up yards. We’ve seen DeSean (Jackson) do it. We’ve seen Brandon Gibson do it. We’ve seen Hank Baskett, Jason Avant, all of our guys. And I think that when you throw guys into a certain situation in this offense, you're not asking them to be the guy. We spread the ball around so much that everybody gets involved. And I think if Maclin was asked to do that, I think that he would be able to do that. You got to remember that Kevin Curtis is coming back and he’s doing well. Reggie Brown is still going to be able to help us and the rest of the guys as well so it’s just important that we continue to stay consistent with what we’re doing."

I have a hard time seeing Reggie Brown making this team. Gibson, the sixth-round pick, has been too impressive -- and he comes at a cheaper rate. The Eagles will have to take a salary cap hit on Brown, but that shouldn't be a big problem.

In other news, I wanted to give you the full context of McNabb's quote from earlier today when he seemed to be somewhat critical of Andy Reid for interrupting the flow of last Thursday's preseason game by "forcing" some Wildcat formation plays in the first half.

"The game of football it’s about, I always believe that before you can come up with gimmicks or come up with something else, you’ve got to get your base offense going. I think in game three of the preseason, that’s something that teams take very important because that’s really the last time that the ones get an opportunity to kick off the rust and ready for the regular season. There a lot of instances that it seemed like we were forcing a lot of different things just to say that we ran it, instead of just running our offense and running how things may go as far as during the year or if we decide to do it. I thought our offense continued to get things going as the game continued on and we got that rhythm that we wanted.”

To me, that's sort of McNabb's passive aggressive way of saying the Eagles overdid it with Vick on Thursday. Thoughts? Comments? Questions?