Kevin Boss misses team-supplied food

Giants tight end Kevin Boss is up in Bristol today and stopped by the "First Take" set to do an interview with Jay Crawford. In the interview, Boss said that Eli Manning has been doing a great job running the informal player workouts the Giants have been holding during the lockout ... with one exception.

"Unfortunately, Eli wasn't serving any meals, so we were all on our own," Boss said, later adding of offseason workouts at the team facility that he misses "everything about it -- serving us breakfast when we come in, serving us lunch after we work out, access to the cold tubs after the workouts ... It's different, so hopefully we can get back to work soon."

(Editor's note: I've eaten in that Giants player cafeteria. It's pretty awesome.)

Boss admits that this spring's workouts are obviously unusual due to the lack of coaches, but he said Manning's been a very organized and effective leader of the players who have shown up for them. He also thinks that, in spite of the lack of formality, the workouts are serving a purpose.

"Definitely, it's not going to hurt," Boss said. "We need to back together in some sort of fashion, because right now hopefully we do have training camp, and it's two months away if we do."

After that, Crawford had Boss play a game of "Who's That Boss?" in which the answers were Bruce Springsteen, Tony Danza, George Steinbrenner, Boss Hogg and Kevin's brother, Terry Boss. And later, in the cafeteria, Boss was offering healthy eating tips to First Take producer extraordinaire Jason Romano. Versatile guy, Boss. I had no idea an apple had the same effect as a cup of coffee.