Eagles have big post-lockout plans

Everybody's excited for the NFL lockout to end, but the Philadelphia Eagles have been even less shy than most teams about expressing it. Earlier in the offseason, Eagles coach Andy Reid made some comments about the team's big plans for when the lockout ends and free agency opens. And in an interview with philly.com last week, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie reiterated them.

"We're ready to roll when there's a new league year, and we're all very excited both about the opportunities for free agency and whatever other opportunities exist," Lurie told Ashley Fox. "We've been ready to roll for a while. We've got a great plan in place, and you never know what you can accomplish, but I know we're going to be both aggressive and hopefully make the right decisions. It's frustrating to be a team that's poised to make some of the moves we want to make and not be able to. I think we'll be very excited when the league year starts."

The Eagles have been connected to a lot of interesting names this offseason, from Nnamdi Asomugha to Plaxico Burress to Albert Haynesworth to Michael Huff, and once the NFL opens for business again, all eyes will be on Philadelphia to see what they do about trading backup quarterback Kevin Kolb to a team that wants to use him as a starter. It's obviously unlikely that the Eagles will end up doing everything that's come up in reports and speculation about them, but I would count them as one of the most potentially interesting teams once the offseason finally begins. They'll surely add a big piece or two to the defense, and I wouldn't be surprised if Asomugha was one or if Haynesworth reunited in Philly with his former defensive line coach, Jim Washburn.

The Eagles are coming off a surprise division title and will be motivated to win now with Michael Vick still at the peak of his abilities. I expect them to be exciting and aggressive once free agency starts, and it sounds as if I won't be disappointed.