Could Eagles sign Brett Favre? For real?

So, there's a new "True Blood" on HBO tonight. And speaking of vampires, Brett Favre is in the news again!

FavreFavrePhiladelphia sportscaster Howard Eskin went on the air Saturday night and said the Eagles could be interested in bringing in Favre as Michael Vick's backup quarterback. Said it was "possible." And the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane, who would presumably have absolutely loved to shoot down the report if he found out it was untrue... didn't shoot it down. Said it was a "long shot," but left open the possibility.

But there are a few reasons to think Favre may be willing to accept an offer from the Eagles. He has a close bond with Eagles head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, having worked with both in Green Bay. And he may also want one last shot at winning a Super Bowl.

But... but... Favre said he was retiring, right? Said he really, really, meant it this time. Right? When has he ever gone back on his word on something like this? Just give me one example.

Oh. Right.

So, does this make sense? I don't think so. Assuming they trade Kevin Kolb once the lockout ends, the Eagles will be looking for a game-ready backup quarterback to play behind Vick because of the risk of Vick getting injured. If healthy, Favre could surely be that. But what did we see last season to indicate that Favre was remotely healthy? And why do we think a dude with this kind of ego is suddenly willing to come back and be somebody's backup?

The problem here is that Favre can't even end this kind of speculation by coming out and saying he's not interested. Because no one will believe him. Because no one should believe him. Because he can't be trusted, especially on this particular topic. So speculation will linger, probably well into the season. I've said it before many times, and I'll say it again: When the 2011 season ends without Favre having played a game, that's when I will believe Favre isn't playing in 2011. And not one day before.