Total QBR report: NFC East

ESPN's new "Total QBR" stat, which is intended to offer a more complete and accurate assessment of quarterback performance than does the traditional passer rating stat, gives extra weight to "clutch" plays and plays that occur at critical times in the game. So it's no real surprise that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo fared considerably better in Total QBR this week than he did last week.

Romo's Total QBR at halftime of Sunday's game, before he left with a cracked rib, was an average-looking 59.9. (Remember, this is on a scale of 0-100.) But after leading the Cowboys to victory in overtime, he finished the day with a Total QBR of 94.0, which is the highest single-game score posted by any quarterback in the league so far in this young season. Here's a link to the leaders from Sunday, and here's a link to the leaders so far this year (with the New York Giants' Eli Manning and the Rams' Sam Bradford yet to play Monday night). You'll see that Romo ranks fourth in the league for the season with a Total QBR of 81.6, in spite of his meltdown in the fourth quarter of the Week 1 loss to the Jets.

Washington Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman posted a Total QBR of 55.1 in Week 2. The number was deflated a bit by the early interceptions, particularly the one he threw at the goal line, but helped by his fourth-quarter touchdown drive that brought the Redskins back within two. For the season so far, Grossman ranks 10th in the league with a Total QBR of 63.2.

The Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick had a rough game, Total QBR-wise, before a concussion knocked him out Sunday night in Atlanta. Thanks in large part to two lost fumbles and an interception, Vick's Total QBR on Sunday was 37.1. His replacement, Mike Kafka, posted a mark of 36.8. For the season, Vick's number is now 53.3, good for just 15th in the league to this point. Interestingly, Vick graded out pretty well as a passer in Sunday night's game, but lost almost as many expected points in the run game as he gained in the passing game. I have to assume that's because of the fumbles.

Manning, who plays his Week 2 game tonight against the Rams on ESPN, ranks 13th in the league so far with a Total QBR of 53.6.