Breakfast links: Back to full strength

No more byes in the NFC East this year, and all four teams are back in action this week. The Redskins head up to Canada to play the Bills in a stop-the-bleeding game. The Giants host Miami in the final game before their schedule turns into a meat grinder. And in the marquee matchup of the week, the Cowboys visit the Eagles in a game that could help determine the direction this division takes for the rest of the season. Lots going on, so you'd better make sure and get your links.

New York Giants

Justin Tuck, Chris Snee, Brandon Jacobs, Prince Amukamara... you name him, he practiced for the suddenly very healthy-looking Giants on Monday. The return of Tuck in particular would be very unsettling news for the winless Miami Dolphins team that's coming to the Meadowlands on Sunday to face a rested and refreshed bunch of Giants.

Eli Manning offered his post-bye thoughts on everything from the Dolphins to the Giants' upcoming schedule to pumpkin-picking to the way the Colts are playing without his brother in his latest weekly radio spot on ESPN-1050 in New York.

Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett said he's not ready to name DeMarco Murray the starter for Sunday's game against the Eagles, but come on. I'd be less surprised if Garrett asked me to start the game than I will if Tashard Choice got the assignment.

Re-signing Montrae Holland worked out Sunday, and he'll remain a starter for the time being, but the Cowboys still could use some additional offensive line depth, and to that end they will take a look at former Eagle Nick Cole.

Washington Redskins

As the Redskins' season begins to leak oil, Sally Jenkins writes that it's on the remaining healthy players to make a stand and stop things from slipping away. They can surely beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday if they get back to playing defense the way they did in their first four games. And if they do, they're 4-3 and still in the mix. The key for Washington may be to remember the basic building-block stuff at which they were so good before their bye week.

Winning Sunday would also help the Redskins combat this growing "Same Old Skins" buzz that seems to be building around them. A win would avoid what Dan Daly says would be Washington's 17th losing streak of three games or longer in the past 11 seasons.

Philadelphia Eagles

John Smallwood writes that the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry has lost some luster, at least in Philadelphia. I guess I'll take his word for it, since he lives there and I don't. But sheesh, this week's game feels pretty huge, doesn't it?

The Eagles may get some reinforcements for the Cowboys game, as Trent Cole, Jason Peters and (get this) Brandon Graham were back at practice Monday. Could be a nice boost to both lines, though think fans would be happier to see a couple of healthy linebackers who haven't been around before show up and practice.

It's Tuesday, so we'll have our weekly chat at noon. We'll have Stock Watch. We'll have Power Rankings. We'll have ourselves a time, I promise.