Could McNabb end up back in NFC East?

When the Denver Broncos waived Kyle Orton last week, it sent some teams scrambling. Orton was a productive player last season, was a viable starter earlier this season and is 29 years old. Some Washington Redskins fans wanted their team to sign him. The Bears and the Dallas Cowboys put in claims but were boxed out by the Chiefs, who had higher waiver priority and ended up with him.

This week's big-name quarterback waiver appears to be former Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, who is expected to be released Thursday. And while I can say with something pretty close to 100 percent certainty that the Redskins aren't going to put in a claim for McNabb, the Cowboys' claim of Orton makes me wonder whether they will. Jon Kitna's back injury is a serious concern, and the Cowboys are looking for a veteran backup quarterback in case something happens to starter Tony Romo.

I just don't see a 35-year-old McNabb as their answer. He's shown nothing in the past two seasons to indicate he's got anything left at all to help a team. And while you can make the argument that he'd have far superior receiving weapons in Dallas than he had with last season's Redskins or this season's Vikings, I think the issues with McNabb run deeper than that. The whispers around the league on McNabb say he's no longer willing to put in the necessary work during the week to be ready on Sundays. I can't imagine that would change if he found himself in a backup role. Might even get worse.

Based on what I'd heard out of Washington, I was shocked the Vikings gave the Redskins anything at all (it was a sixth-round pick) for McNabb. I was surprised they chose him to begin the season as their starter instead of first-round draft pick Christian Ponder. And I imagine I'll be surprised again Friday when some team that sees the big name and thinks its scenery might bring out the best of him again claims him on waivers. But if I'm the Cowboys, I pass. Just not enough to be gained there, I think. If they did get him and they ended up in a position in which he had to actually play for them, I believe they'd end up just as disappointed in him as the Redskins and Vikings were.