Tuck: Flozell's trip was 'bush league'

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Giants' Pro Bowl defensive end Justin Tuck stood in front of his locker trying to put his suit on with only his right arm. His left arm had been in a sling since he injured his shoulder late in the first half when he was tripped by Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams. Tuck said it's not the first time Adams has resorted to tripping, and he hopes the league will take a look at the play. Tuck told me late Sunday night that he was planning to make a phone call to Adams.

Tuck beat Adams on an inside move before he was tripped. The defensive end also got knocked out of last year's game at Texas Stadium with a leg injury.

"It was bush league," Tuck said of Adams' trip. "He did it a few times in this game. I'd like to have the rest of the game to punish him for it."

Tuck vowed to play next Sunday against the Bucaneers even though he couldn't get in his stance Sunday night. He has played through a lot of injuries, so you know his shoulder had to be hurting him.

"I'm fine," he said. "I'm playing next week."

Adams, not a man prone to speaking after games, had this to say:

"I didn't see nothing," Adams said late Sunday. "Did you see something?"

Tuck complemented the bar that players walk through to enter the field. He said he considered stopping by the bar to have a drink with Cowboys fans, but didn't think they'd appreciate the gesture. Overhearing our conversation, defensive tackle Barry Cofield had this to say about the new stadium:

"It's a shrine to American gluttony."